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    Black Hawk Schools Return To School Plan
Frequently Asked Questions


What are the major adjustments to the daily school schedule?

The Black Hawk School District has elected to run their school day from 8:05 a.m. to 2:39 p.m, Monday through Friday.  Buses will depart at 2:45 p.m.  The earlier release time this year is to accommodate those families that have chosen a virtual learning option, and allow teachers more flexibility in meeting the needs of our virtual learners. The MS/HS Flex period will be eliminated from the schedule.  Those students who are in need of Tier 3 academic interventions will continue to receive those academic services.

Is there a virtual learning option at Black Hawk?

Yes.  Families who are uncomfortable sending their student(s) to school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, may choose an at home online virtual learning option.  If choosing this option, families must commit to virtual learning for at least one quarterly grading period.  Black Hawk Schools will use a learning management system called Schoology. All class materials will be embedded within the Schoology system. Parents will be able to download the Schoology app to their devices for regular notifications from the school district, including assignment due dates. MS/HS students would have a daily check-in schedule for all of their daily classes. Schoology conferencing would allow these students to “attend” their daily classes, and see their teachers each period.  Seniors who have at least 20 credits, would only need to attend virtually, the classes they need to graduate. However, seniors looking to participate in WIAA athletics, need to be enrolled in a minimum of six courses to maintain “full time” status.

Does the virtual learning option resemble what was implemented last spring, 2020?

No. All students will be participating in daily activities and assessments using Schoology as the learning management system. MS/HS students will be expected to follow the course schedule as it is laid out for all students during the day. The majority of ms/hs classes will have “live” conferencing during the class periods. Recorded lessons will also be available. 

Do my children need to wear face coverings during the school day?

Yes.  All students and staff will be required to have face coverings during the school day.  Regular operating procedures require face coverings when a social distance of 6’ cannot be maintained between individuals. Situations where face coverings MUST be worn are on the buses, as students enter the school building, and anytime students are transitioning outside of their classrooms. State and county orders take precedence over the local school district’s procedures.

What kind of schedule are the buses going to operate on?

The Black Hawk School District will run its bus routes on a regular schedule as in previous school years, usually beginning the bus routes at 6:50 a.m. At the end of the day, student(s) will be dropped off as early as 2:50 p.m., as the buses will depart from South Wayne at 2:45 p.m. Families need to commit to riding the bus, or bringing their student(s) to school.  Students riding the bus will need to wear a face covering, and they will need to sit in their assigned seats on the bus.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the bus route.  Those students who reside in the Village of Gratiot, will ride a separate “shuttle” bus to and from South Wayne, and therefore will have a slightly modified school start and end.

Will the children be allowed to take their face coverings off during the school day?

Students do not have to wear face coverings when they are eating, Ech/Kindergarten rest times, outdoor exercise, recess times, or outside “face covering break” times.  Special considerations for student exceptions to the rule are defined in the back to school plan.

Do I have to supply my child with a face covering?

The Black Hawk School District will provide face coverings for students.  Families may, of course, supply their own face coverings. 

Will computers be provided for students who choose virtual learning?

Yes.  All students will be assigned a Chromebook.  MS/HS students will take care of their assigned Chromebook on a daily basis.  Elementary students will leave their Chromebooks in their classrooms. MS students can house their chromebooks in their homerooms or take them home with them each day.  HS students will be responsible for them at all times.

What if my student refuses to wear a face covering?

If a student has no medical restrictions that restrict wearing a face covering,and refuses to comply with Black Hawk Covid 19 mitigation strategies, that student(s) will enter into the virtual learning option.

Will students participate in music education such as vocal music and instrumental music?

Yes.  Students will still participate in music education. Activities will differ from “normal” school years, and will follow protocols as laid out by the Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Association of Music Educators.

Are there any changes to curriculum or graduation requirements?

No.  There will be no changes, except for a waiver of the 20 hours of community service requirement for graduation.

What about middle school and high school athletic participation?

Currently, Black Hawk is following the guidelines laid out by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, and all orders by the county and state health departments.  If athletics are allowed to proceed, we will hold practices immediately upon student dismissal at the end of the in-school instructional time.  Covid-19 mitigation strategies for athletics will be followed at athletic practices.  Students who choose a virtual learning option, will still be eligible for participating in athletics if their families so choose, as long as the student is enrolled as a full time student with a minimum of six courses.

Am I allowed in the building during the day to pick-up or speak with my student(s)?

Parents’ and all visitors’ will be prohibited from entering the school building during the day, unless they have received an authorized appointment from school administration. Anyone who is admitted into the building during the normal instructional hours must wear a face covering. Students who need to leave the building with authorized individuals will be escorted to the main south doors (Door 1), upon which they will meet the individual at the exterior of the doors.  Office staff will document and initial each time a student is picked up or dropped off outside of normal school starting and ending times.

Will meals be provided to those students who choose the virtual learning option?

At the time of this document’s publishing, the Black Hawk School District is still working on a decision about being able to provide meals to those students who choose the virtual learning option.


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