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    Library Materials and Chromebook Collection

    Seniors—-All library books need to be returned by Friday, May 20th.  

    Chromebooks will be collected during Flex on Monday May 23rd.  .  

    Middle School through Juniors—All library books need to be returned by Friday, May 27th. 

    Chromebooks will be collected on Monday, May 31st.  

    You are responsible for returning your Chromebook, cord and case. If you have a hotspot checked out, it also needs to be returned at this time.  You may be assessed for items not returned.  No books will be checked out after Friday, May 20th.  

    Any student that needs a Chromebook for finals or after the collection date needs to see Mrs. McCauley as soon as possible.  


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    Families of students who ride the shuttle bus (Tim Schliem) from Gratiot to South Wayne will be picked up and dropped off at one location in Gratiot, due to construction on Main Street in Gratiot.  The bus will pick up students in front of Haley Tuescher's on Sheldon Street, where the bus currently stops in the morning.  This will also be the sole drop off point in Gratiot in the afternoon. Thank you for your understanding. 

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    2021-2022 Calendar

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Construction Updates

Last Updated: 5/9/2022 2:19 PM


I want to thank the community for passing the referendum. Supporting the building project was an essential piece that should assist in keeping Black Hawk School District viable for many years to come.

We are embarking on a process that has not been done at Black Hawk in 25 years, construction. Actually, if you consider the demolition portion of the project, I am not sure it has ever been done before this time in the Black Hawk School District. There will be a lot of firsts, at least for me.

I have heard a few question about the process.  When will the building start?  How long will it take? Where will classes be held when work is being done? All of these are great questions. I will give you a tentative response to some of these at this time and more detail as we move forward. The district will do its best to keep you updated. As part of the effort to inform the public, in the near future we will replace the referendum tab on our website with a construction tab.

As far as the timeline for construction it will be a while before you see anything tangible. The process has started for the planning. I have and will continue to meet with the team from HSR on the plans for the building, the process and the timeline. The HSR team intends to be done with plans by December and to put the construction phase out to bid in January of 2023. The intent will be to start construction in March or April of 2023.

The construction will be a phased approach. The builders will build the addition between the two buildings and the new office/entrance first. Classes and rooms will be moved into the new spaces. Then the designated sections of the building will be torn down. Finally, the new section of the addition to be set on the footprint of the removed portions will be built. The project as a whole is projected to be completed by December of 2024.

Some processes will start soon, such as the site survey. We will engage Environmental Management Consulting to deal with plan any needed asbestos or other hazardous material removal. Borrowing and investing of the necessary funds will take place in the next month or two. Many things that will happen in the near future will not be noticeable but are necessary to make sure this project is done well and meets the needs of the students, staff and community.

The aim is to move forward with the process very deliberately under the guidance of HSR. HSR has completed many school projects and is very knowledgeable of the process and requirements of work such as ours. We believe in the end the community will be pleased with the commitment that has been made.   


Willy Chambers




Construction Information/Updates