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Superintendent's Message

Black Hawk Families,

There have already been many challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and they continue to present themselves. We continue to attempt to mitigate the risk for the children and staff at the school. Your assistance in these efforts in essential in maximizing the efforts.

Efforts to assist with teaching your children the necessity for hygiene and other protocol are greatly appreciated. Some of those efforts include frequent hand washing and sanitizing, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or inside of your elbow, social distancing and staying home when ill.

The District asks you to be sensitive to when your child may be ill. Please keep a child home when they are ill, even if you are confident that it is nothing major. The identified symptoms of the COVID-19 virus resemble many other common viruses and ailments. We can not risk assuming a symptom is for some other issue.

If a child presents with any of the symptoms while at school we will take the following measures. The child will report immediately to the office and the symptoms will be recorded. The child will then be placed in isolation and observed, A parent/guardian will be immediately contacted to pick the child up from school.

We know that asking for a parent to pick up a child in the middle of the day may create a challenge. It is necessary for the parent to send a previously identified adult to pick the child up in order to prevent potential spread of the COVID virus. Please make sure the school has the appropriate documentation for any person that you may ask to pick up your child.  

The district wants to assure the safety of students, staff and community members.

Willy Chambers



As noted in other correspondence there have been and will likely continue to be challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. One possible complication created by the virus may be a partial or whole shut down of face-to-face learning. Our hope is that we can minimize the need for any shut downs by the measures we have put in place.

A closure may be in the form of a partial or total school shut-down. The scope of the shut-down will be dictated by contact tracing and potential exposures to the virus. The final determination will be made in most cases by a cooperative effort between the district administrator and the county department of health services. Some factors that may affect the scope will be the number of students potentially exposed, the number of staff potentially exposed, the ability to secure substitute teachers, and confidence in the contract tracing process.

The district will provide as much notice as possible when a switch to virtual learning is necessitated. Unfortunately, in most cases of a necessitated switch to virtual learning, either for a small group of students or the whole school, the change will need to be on short notice. Any necessitated change will likely come with less than a 24 notice. 

Willy Chambers

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