Tracing Information (COVID-19)

It has come to my attention that it may be beneficial to share some information about what is involved in contact tracing. Once we are notified by either the county, an individual, or a family of a COVID-19 positive person we start the contact tracing. The parameters for contact tracing is that we need to start two days before a person became symptomatic. It is very possible that a person did not have symptoms while they were present in the school building or at a school function.

The first thing we do is identify when the person became symptomatic, so we can identify the date we need to go back to begin the contact tracing. We then review the classes and activities the person may be involved in. After identifying the activities, we identify what staff member was in charge and could identify close contacts. The person identifies any other person that would have been within 6 foot of the positive person and then we look at the whole day and assess if the total time of exposure would be 15 minutes or more. We then create a list of all close contacts.

Once a list is created and reviewed, we connect with the county health department to review the contacts and create a plan to mitigate further risk. I then call each person’s family who is considered a close contact. The county follows up with a contact as well.


Willy Chambers

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